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Call for Application Youth Advisory Panel

Do you have interest in development issues and believe that young people can have impact on development strategy, programme design and implementation in Ethiopia?

We Do!  We want UK government interventions in Ethiopia to effectively respond to the critical challenges of Ethiopian youth.  We as a UK government department are committed to deliver programme by putting young people at the heart of our work.

If you are aged between 18-29 years old and enthusiastic about taking part in shaping the future of development works in Ethiopia, our Youth Advisory Panel might be the group for you!

We encourage all interested young people from all the 9 regional states and the two Administrative states to apply!

What is Youth Advisory Panel?

The Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) is a group of 15 young people aged 18-29 years old with diverse opinions and experiences who will represent the views of young people in Ethiopia. The YAP will advise the UK government in Ethiopia on the impact of its programme and strategies on young people. It creates a forum to influence decisions by offering new ideas and solutions on issues that affect young people to maximise their development gains. The Panel will have a function of critically examining our priorities, programme and strategies from a youth perspective. The YAP will serve for two years meeting on a quarterly base for few days to review, assess and discuss our programme interventions. Each member of the Advisory panel will sign a formal agreement for their services and will undertake proper induction on the role before they start.

What can you expect from your experience as part of the panel?

  • Be an Agent of the Ethiopian Youth in voicing their views and a test board if the concerns and perspectives of young people are taken into consideration in decision making.
  • Be an Advisor on programme design and implementation that impact the Youth.
  • Learn about the various UK government programme in Ethiopia that support the economic, social and political advancement of the Ethiopian youth and the future generation.
  • Work with an inspiring youth team with rich professional experience in policy advising, programme design, and programme management.
  • Network with like-minded young people committed to shape the future of the country.


How to apply? 

Please download the application form below.

Email the completed application to or by mail to:

            British Council
Comoros Street
Yeka Sub city
P.O. BOX 1043
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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